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A hill in time saves using the camera jib..! Michael capturing some soccer action.

How I started

What started as an interest in capturing video of my family grew gradually into a passion to capture and edit video for a wide range of projects.  I was amazed at the dedication of students and teachers putting on school productions, fashion shows, plays, musicals, and even Cirque de Soleil-like acrobatics and juggling.  A day care that wanted to capture their annual holiday concert for parents, families and staff. A video for a colleagues' mother celebrating her 80th birthday.  A few weddings, a burlesque show, and several memorial videos. A coach who wanted video of games for team training and families who wanted athlete highlight videos for recruiting and scholarship applications. 

Victoria's Central High School: Cirque de la 7ieme Rue.

High-Quality Experience

The thing that they all had in common was the need for top notch footage, audio and editing to bring the story or event to video. And I have demonstrated that I can consistently  complete these projects successfully, on time, and for a reasonable cost.  I look forward to the next challenge...maybe its a project for you!

Bayside's Hippie Power production

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Send me a message about your project or give me a call. I would enjoy hearing about it and after we discuss your needs, I will give you a quote. 

Video Capture Services

Save those precious memories..!

Hi, if you have old SVHS, VHS, SVHS-C, VHS-C, MiniDV, Digital 8, Hi8 or 8mm video tapes sitting around and you have no way to view them anymore, or are worried that they are deteriorating and soon won't be viewable, then I can help.   

As long as the tapes are still readable, I can capture the video and transfer it to a digital file that can be viewed on both Windows or Macintosh computers. The video can also be stored on DVDs if you would prefer.   

I capture the S-VHS, VHS and VHS-C format video from premium Panasonic or JVC players and digitize the signal using high quality Canopus or Blackmagic equipment. MiniDV tapes are played on a Panasonic MiniDV camera, and Digital8, Hi8 and 8mm tapes are played in a SONY Digital8 camcorder, with the video captured directly to my computer.   

The basic service provides the video in a digital, standard-definition (720x480 resolution) file. The video is also available on DVDs, with basic or more advanced chaptering, white balancing, titles, or further editing, at additional cost.   

Cost is per tape. Standard service is $20 for the first hour/partial hour of a tape, and $10 per additional hour of tape. So a one hour tape would be $20 and a two hour tape would be $30. If you have more than 10 tapes then I can offer a discount.


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